Adobe and Microsoft are now partners!

Adobe and Microsoft are now partners!

Adobe and Microsoft partner to transform customer engagement across sales, service and marketing

At Adobe Summit in London, Adobe’s annual European Digital Marketing conference, Adobe and Microsoft Corp.  today announced a strategic partnership that will redefine how enterprises manage their marketing, sales and service to better engage with customers across touch points.

The partnership will include the integration of Adobe’s industry-leading Marketing Cloud Solutions with the best-in-class Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and will allow brands to deliver experiences that take all customer engagements into account — from reach and acquisition to retention and loyalty.

This new integration will help eliminate the frustrating customer experiences that result when marketing, sales and service interactions are siloed.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Microsoft’s integrated marketing management solution, includes capabilities like marketing resource management that are complementary to Adobe Marketing Cloud to provide added value to customers.

This partnership offers customers the ability to:

  • Align sales and marketing activities by tightly integrating audiences and their behaviors, which can help guide sales or service calls, identify sales opportunities or inform lead scoring.
  • Find high-value audience segments and provide them with real-time offers on the website or enable targeted display ads.
  • Combine Web behavior data with order history, return history, loyalty status and call center history to not only identify where in the sales life-cycle stage a customer is, but then also deliver the right content at the right time, whether that content resides on a landing page, in a service follow-up email or as an alert in a mobile app.

Both companies are willing to expand collaboration and product integration in other areas in the future. 


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