Energy and utilities

Energy and utilities

Integrated automation software solutions: from consumption forecasting to invoicing for end customers

The transition to a new market model for electricity trading faces companies operating in the energy and utilities sector with a number of challenges and an increasingly dynamic market environment. A large number of non-residential customers connected to the low-voltage distribution network have entered the free electricity market on 01.10.2020. These and other changes in the regulatory requirements have aimed to achieve better conditions for consumers, while putting suppliers in a highly competitive environment.

Now, more than ever, companies need to use modern, flexible and efficient energy management and customer service solutions to automate their processes and internal communication, as well as increase their productivity.

Our long-term customers successfully manage thousands of electricity meters in Bulgaria and in the Balkans with the help of our specially developed process management system in energy and utility companies (SMart E-Billing). The specialized software enabled them to automate all processes for forecasting, invoicing, trading and contracts, while facilitating their participation in the balancing electricity market.

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