Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Intelligent business process management in design and engineering companies

Companies working in the field of investment design and engineering face a number of problems in their daily work, related to management, which are caused by the complexity and the large number of projects they perform.

The challenges they face are mainly related to:

  • Difficulties in project management and related resources
  • Lack of general visibility of the project portfolio
  • Lack of adaptability in case of need for re-planning of projects
  • Waste of time and resources
  • Difficulties in tracking team employment and progress on each project
  • Communication problems and lack of coordination with project teams
  • Lack of summary data in the form of reports and analyses

The specialized software system (EMI) developed by our company is designed for business process management in design and engineering companies. It will help you deal with these and many other challenges, optimizing and automating the specific processes related to both project management and commercial activity.

As a result of using the system you will be able to increase your efficiency, plan real budgets, track project deadlines, plan your resources and reduce administrative work with the help of built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools. In addition, the system has a rich set of tools for graphical visualization of aggregated data, numerous reports and analyses, allowing management to make informed and timely management decisions.

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